In the recent years, wireless networks have spread their reach everywhere. At least 25% of homes have WiFi as their preferred internet connection, and a big percentage of industries, businesses, schools, coffee shops etc. Many people are looking for WiFi hacker software to  be able to connect to wireless networks that are protected with a password. Programmers have been able so far to crack wireless protection protocols and make WiFi unlocker.

It is annoying to see many wireless networks available around you and not be able to connect to not even one, right? And you can be in a situation when you need a working internet connection right away, just to do some important short task, but you are restricted by annoying password! Well, you don’t have to spend years learning complicated coding and decryption techniques to be able to temporary use someone else’s WiFi connection.

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The vulnerability of a wireless network is due to the lack of attention from the end user and not having a proper knowledge on how to set it up correctly, but also because of the security loopholes in the wireless security protocols. Over the years, the manufacturers have been trying to improve security protocols, and the best available protocol is WPA2.

Old protocol which is called WEP is very easily hacked with new techniques, you just have to see network traffic that’s being transmitted with a simple tool, and other two, improved protocols WPA and WPA2 are a great improvement in security than the old WEP, but they still carry some of the core problems that WEP had.

Retrieve Any Password Easily With Our WiFi Unlocker

Let’s see how easy it is to break a WiFi password. No matter of your current level of computer and technology knowledge, you have some basic ideas on security. Basic things are making a complicated password with mixed uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and numbers. Also you can hide your networks name by changing a setting on your router, and by doing this other people won’t be able to see it. People think that doing few of these basic things will leave them safe and secure from other people who want to gain access to their network, but that is far from truth.

Because of this they can be hacked too, sometimes rather quickly, and you can get password with ease from WPA and WPA2 secured networks with our WiFi hacker program in less than 1 minutes on average. You can also easily hack open networks, which are also called hotspots – these are located on places such as libraries, parks, airports etc. It doesn’t really matter where the network is located, or is it a public service or private one that someone is using at home or at work.

First thing that people usually do is to hide their network SSID. This hides their network from being listed when you click that little WiFi icon on your taskbar. But anyone can use very basic tools and see all hidden networks, listed next to all other networks in the area. WiFi unlocker can see all the networks so people shouldn’t bother to hide their SSID.

As you can see, is extremely easy to see the exact SSID and security protocol that particular wireless network is using, and we use this to our advantage to get the password and gain access to it without anyone knowing it.

Old WEP protocol and passwords are very simple to crack, which usually involves just a simple process called sniffing, where you observe traffic that is being sent from wireless network, this can be done in less than 20 seconds. There are even some routers that can automatically hack any WEP secured wireless networks. So with a proper software (like ours) you can almost instantaneously get password and hook yourself up on someone else’s network. We also have developed WiFi hacker Android which works on all Android OS’s.

If you are looking for a powerful software that is able to unlock any WiFi network and get you a password within minutes than this software is for you. We made our WiFi unlocker totally free and widely available for community, so you can get started right away and get this simple software on your PC. You will love how easy it is to use! Just click on the button below to download our WiFi hacker:

Community Testimonials

  • Hey, thanks very much, I love this software and how easy it is to get password!

    Particia Brock
    Particia Brock
  • I've been using this for a few days now at my apartment, and so far I've been able to use all wifi networks in the building

  • I really don't know why is this free, is such an amazing value, thank you very much!

    Martin Vitkin
    Martin Vitkin
  • Cracking WPA2 passwords sometimes take me up to around 4 min but overall I'm pleased with results, definitely recommended

    RJ Garvin
    RJ Garvin
  • I'm using this mostly on my laptop to gain access to wireless hotspots around city, and so far is working perfectly

By Aziz Durden