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Having a working and fast internet connection is one the essential things in our current lives. With the surge of technology, we can enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable wireless connection. Almost all modern devices have this technology, whether it’s a PC, mobile phones, laptops etc. WiFi password hack software is something that many programmers have worked on and most of them have been unsuccessful in making a fully working and reliable version. After few months of relentless programming and testing, our team of skilled programmers have finally completed WiFi password hacker software. It has been fully successful in breaking WEP, WPA and WPA2 without any problems and in record time, plus the success rate is 98% on average which is far above other similar programs!

The process

  • Download

    Click the button above to download the software. (works on every Windows)

  • Click start

    The software will then go and look for every WiFi network around you.

  • Password retrieval

    Software will than quickly reveal the password all all WiFi networks.

  • Connect

    Click connect and you will automatically gain access to that WiFi network.

There are various versions of wireless security protocols that were designed over time. Most known are WEP, WPA and WPA2, and each of them have their own advantages and flaws. These protocols not only protect you from other people connecting to your network, but also they encrypt the data as is being transmitted. Over time many of the flaws of wireless security have been addressed, but they are still not secure as compared to cable internet connection and they are vulnerable to WiFi password hacker software. This is because the wireless network send the data in every possible direction, and cable network just between 2 points – sender and receiver. Let’s take a look at types of wireless security protocols and how our cutting-edge WiFi password hack program handles them:

WEP: the most widely used protocol, even though is heavily outdated. It was set as security standard in 1999 and over time it was shown that it has major security flaws. People still use it today even though there are other, much better protocols available. Because of its weaknesses, our WiFi password hack software can easily hack WEP network and retrieve the password in around 1 minute or less.

WPA and WPA2: this is the replacement for the WEP protocol. The keys used by this protocol are 256 bit, a large improvement to 64 and 128 bit versions of WEP. Despite these improvements, it has been shown many times to be very vulnerable to invasion through WiFi hacking because it still had some elements of the WEP. Because of this, it can take a little bit more before you can hack WPA password, but it should be no more than 20-30% increase over hacking WEP networks. This applies to WPA2 protocol as well when using WiFi password hacker.

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People want to hack Wifi networks for different reasons. This could be because they can’t afford it or just want to save some money. Other instances are when your internet connection is dead and you need to be online urgently or when you are on your laptop around the city or traveling and just need a working connection to check your mail or do some other short task and you wish you had a working WiFi password hacker software. You don’t have to be a skilled IT expert to use our premium software. Is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

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By Aziz Durden